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Altitude Insurance has teamed up witha specialist travel insurance provider in order to offer coverage for those of you who intend on partaking in aviation related activities whilst on holiday abroad. Please note, we can only offer this type of insurance for persons who are domiciled in the UK and prior to the commencement of any trip.

Normal travel insurance policies exclude "dangerous sports" such as Hot Air Ballooning or Gliding and do not offer any coverage if you are the Pilot. We can provide policies which cover all of this.

Even though all Pilots are (or should be) properly trained, accidents do occasionally occur — they are very rare though. Just in case something happens, it is strongly advised to purchase Travel Insurance if you want to fly a Private Aircraft or want someone to take you somewhere in their own Private Airplane. There is no Personal Liability cover provided on these types of policies.

Please note, with regards Travel Insurance in Europe and Worldwide for trips where you will be Flying as a Pilot or as a Passenger in a Private Aircraft (including Hot Air Balloons): - 

Commercial Aviation is the most common type of Aviation and includes a paid Pilot. Private Aviation, on the other hand, involves the Pilot flying for their own pleasure, possibly sharing the fun of Flying with their family and friends.

Flying a Private Aircraft requires the pilot to pay for all expenses himself or herself, including costs for fuel, airport fees and maintenance costs. That being said; everyone who wants to operate an Aircraft, whether Privately or Commercially, must take flying courses and succeed for an exam. Everyone needs a Pilot License to legally fly any Aircraft.

It is important to make the distinction between Private and Commercial flights; a distinction that is based on the purpose of a flight and not on the individual pilot or airplane. A Commercial Pilot, for instance, that flies an Airplane to visit friends or family is considered to carry out a private flight in most countries. On the other hand, a Private Pilot could operate a large aircraft and transport dozens of people, but not get paid for it. That flight would be considered private as well.

You are required at all times to wear the appropriate safety equipment, for example protective clothing and / or suitable head protection. Please also ensure that you hold a full and valid Licence that permits you to use such a vehicle. Private Aviation is a type of Civil Aviation that doesn't include Commercial Aviation. Flying a Private Aircraft is done for leisure, travel and business and on one's own terms.

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If you require any other type of Travel Insurance, for more or less any other type of activity i.e. scuba diving, rock climbing, skiing or sailing, or even bog standard single or annual travel insurance, we can arrange this for you.

* Coverage is subject acceptance by Insurers.